Nationally acclaimed and Nashville based Annie Moses Band is heading for Crookston, Minnesota, to perform as part of the Crookston Civic Music League Entertainment Series.  A highlight of the 2019-2020 season, Annie Moses Band will play Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Crookston High School Auditorium.

    Be sure not to miss this concert as it will blow you away with songs    from all genres and generations played by a family of Juilliard trained musicians who have roots in north Texas but are now a fixture in Nashville.

    The story of the Annie Moses Band began in a cotton field in north Texas during the Great Depression.  Annie Moses, (the family’s great grandmother), picked cotton for a wealthy land owner, saving to pay for a few piano lessons for her daughter Jane.  Jane did the same for her kids.  Growing up, they worked hard to give the children the best musical education possible.  They did this, but in 2002 realized they were at a crossroads.  A traditional classical path, or their own path of roots music?

    Thus became the Annie Moses Band with an eclectic sound that is a unique blend of roots music with a classical polish.  Over these many years later, Annie Moses Band has recorded over a dozen albums, produced PBS specials, traveled the world and performed on stages as diverse as Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry.  But the journey has not ended there.  The band’s non-profit foundation nurtures the artistic development of young musicians, supports a Conservatory and online music curricula to reach students around the country, and oversees a summer music festival in Nashville.  Their enduring vision from Juilliard to Nashville via north Texas is to see a new generation of artists who can fill all art forms with truth, beauty and goodness, and with a strong underpinning of faith.  

    Expect to hear roots music including versions of I’ve Been Everywhere, Ghost Riders, and The Orange Blossom Special, classic works from Copland’s Appalachian Spring and Gershwin’s An American in Paris, and a variety of folk and country favorites all sung and played by family in the Annie Moses Band.  

    For ticket information contact Elaine Metzger at 281-2661 or Marlys Finkenbinder at 281-2870.  Admission is by season ticket only. Season tickets can be purchased at the door before the concert Saturday, September 7.