It's a registered company, but it's been linked to scams.

Have you received a somewhat-strange letter in the mail recently inviting you to join your neighborhood group, “Nextdoor”? If so, the Crookston Police Department advises you to ignore it.

The CPD has received several reports of Crookston residence receiving a letter inviting them to join a free online private social network platform called Nextdoor.

Nextdoor is a networking platform where members can post comments about what is going on in their neighborhood such as local events or where to hire a contractor or mechanic. This is also a platform where “fraudulent contractors or neighbors” will contact you in an attempt to financially defraud or scam members, said CPD Lt. Darin Selzler.

Nextdoor is a registered company with the Better Business Bureau, Selzler states in a CPD release, but it is not accredited and has hundreds of negative reviews. To become a Nextdoor member you are required to provide personal information. As with any type of possible scams, he says, do not give out any personal or financial information and desist contact immediately.