Crookston Community Pool Supervisor Cody Brekken gave some suggestions for the pool to the Park Board this week focusing most on cost changes for swimmers and updates for the building. Brekken said he’d like to do away with the punch cards for open swim and do pool passes instead.

    Brekken has been doing research on other area pools to see what they charge and what they offer swimmers before coming up with the pricing structure for Crookston. He suggested pool passes for individuals would be $100 for four months (September-December and February-May) or the same for the summer (June, July, August) and $175 for a family.

    Brekken added that the open swim cost would move from $2 to $3.

    The Park Board didn’t seem to disagree with the cost changes, but Park Board Chair Garrett Borowicz said his main concern was the hours available for people to use the pool.

    Brekken said open swim is currently from 6-8 p.m. in the evenings and from 12-3 on Saturday and Sunday. When he has extra help in the summer he’d like to be open from 12-8 p.m., but the school year poses a challenge for staffing. Brekken added that the morning programs including lap swim and aqua aerobics are still going strong with 25-30 people a day from 6-10 a.m.

    Crookston High School’s swim team practices from 4-6 p.m. and, once that wraps up, Brekken said he’d like to start a Parks & Rec wellness program at the pool.


    After the Park Board toured the pool this summer, they talked about potential updates and wondered this week what the status was on some of those updates. Brekken said the changing tables that were ordered are in and all be installed, and he’s waiting on an estimate for the water fountains and shower updates.

    He also asked the Park Board if there was a low cost way to “re-seal” some of the stone work on the walls of the pool building as they’re showing wear.

    Parks & Recreation Director Scott Riopelle said he’s looking into LED lights for the outside of the pool building as it starts to get darker earlier in the evening and Brekken talked about adding sliding doors or double doors to gain access to the deck space outside where they could have tables and umbrellas for birthday parties and gatherings.