Bob Prudhomme, who lives near where the plant will go, is curious.

    Crookston resident Bob Prudhomme addressed the City Council this week during the open forum to ask about Epitome Energy’s operations and wondered if the council or city leaders have toured a similar facility to see what kind of dust, odor and noise level they put out. Prudhomme said he lives on the south end of Crookston close to where Epitome will be operating and while he hasn’t been to a similar facility in years he does work for SunOpta and knows there’s typically “a lot” of dust and odor.

    Ward 5 City Council Member Dale Stainbrook commended Prudhomme for his questions and mentioned that Epitome Energy would be coming to Crookston on September 5 and, if he could make it, he could ask those particular questions.

    Ward 1 City Council Member Jake Fee said the smell of the proposed soybean crush plant has been discussed previously and they were told it’s more of a cereal smell. Fee also said how much dust the operations produce would be addressed during the permit process.

    Prudhomme added that a similar facility was proposed for the area and their operations had to move “five to ten miles outside of town because of the odor and the noise” and hoped the council would look into the matter for Epitome. He also wondered about the truck traffic and was told the plan was for Highway 75 South to be the main traffic area.