Firefighters were at three different scenes Saturday for almost eight hours

    Crookston Fire Department/Assocation firefighters went from one fire to the next Saturday evening after multiple calls, including one from the regional fire marshal who was on her way to Crookston to investigate and noticed activity outside of town.

    Full-time firefighter Brian Hanson told the Times firefighters were at three different scenes Saturday for a total of close to eight hours.

    Their first call Saturday was from a landline caller who was concerned about smoke she smelled on the 900 block of North Broadway. Upon investigation, firefighters found a small campfire near 2nd Avenue North that was within legal burning regulations. As they were leaving, Polk County dispatch reported there was a basement fire at the 1600 block of North Front Street but called them back to the 600 block of North Front where they saw light smoke coming from the basement of the house.

    Hanson said that fire originated in a basement bedroom and the occupants of the basement duplex and upper level duplex were able to get out to safety. Firefighters extinguished the fire and, later, remained on the scene on standby for the Crookston Police Department who were looking into a possible investigation. Also at the scene were Crookston Area Ambulance and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

    The basement fire at North Front Street caused moderate smoke damage to the basement unit only.

    “We were also concerned about hot spots and the fire marshal was called to investigate,” Hanson explained. “When the fire marshal was coming from Thief River Falls, she spotted another fire outside of Crookston.”

    A fire Saturday evening outside of Crookston north of County Road 11 on County 13 in Parnell Township originated in a farm yard and mutual aid from Red Lake Falls was called. Hanson told the Times that they had to refill their tanker truck three times for this fire.

    Firefighters were on the scene from approximately 11:30 p.m. to 3:45 a.m. and the homeowners lost a hay shed and three straw stacks around 176 feet long each.