Things are about to get interesting.

Here is the third Ox Cart Days Medallion Hunt Clue:

So many things to be proud of in our town,
so don’t frown, or start feeling down.
You wanna have a catch? They said that in Field of Dreams.
But what you’re thinking may not be what it “seams.”

The second clue:

There’s the church, there’s the steeple,
look around and see “the enemy of the people.”
Oh, we’re just kidding, we’re just having a little fun,
along with joy, and seasons in the sun.

The first clue:

Thirty years of Ox Cart Days is something to celebrate.
But other things have been around for just as long, and they’re just as great.
There’s this, that and the other thing
And even places where people sing

The Medallion is not on private property and it is not buried. You should be able to see it, but you might have to look a bit. Please be respectful in your searching.

The Medallion Hunt is sponsored by the Crookston Times and University of Minnesota Crookston. If you find it, bring it to the Times office or text Mike Christopherson at 280-0771 or Jess Bengtson at 701 610-6454 and collect your $200.

Good luck!