The pool's filter pump broke down last week, Brekken says, and finding a replacement was a challenge.

A failed filter pump at the Crookston Community Pool that last week closed the pool to the public is being replaced and Pool Manager Cody Brekken says the goal is to reopen with regular hours on Thursday, Aug. 15.

The pool is equipped with only one filter pump. Brekken says it moves all of the water from the pool through the filters 24 hours a day. Without the pump, the pool water can still be balanced but it cannot be used by the public, he explains, because the pump needs to be in place and operational to keep up with heavy use.

Brekken says it was tough to find a replacement pump because it is no longer manufactured. But, he says, one was eventually found and it’s supposed to arrive today (Tuesday). He expects it will be a day’s work to install it, setting the stage for a Thursday reopening. Had a same model pump not been found, Brekken says any type of variation would have required a plumbing retrofit that he was told could have taken up to two months.

After an agreement was worked out, ownership of the pool officially transferred from the Crookston School District to the City of Crookston on July 1.

For further information on the pool schedule or programming, visit or Crookston Community Pool on Facebook.