Interview with Lance Norman

1) How long have you have served on the Crookston Area Chamber Board of Directors?

January 2019

2) What has been your proudest moment while serving?

The return of the Chamber Mixers and the Board of Director’s willingness to participate. I cannot also forget the amazing work by our board on re-recruiting previous and establishing new chamber members.

3) Name something you have learned since serving as a Chamber Board of Director.

The integral role of the board committees in strengthening the Chamber and the level of dedication of our Chamber Executive Director.

4) Please share your thoughts on the importance of being a Chamber member.

Working to strengthen and grow the Crookston area happens in so many aspects of a community and the Chamber membership is no different. It offers companies form so many different sectors to participate through hosting events, volunteerism and celebrating emerging leaders.

5) Tell us about your family and what you do for a living

My wife DeNae and I have a blended four adult children, 25-31 years old all living in the Red River Valley. I have been in health care for 28 years and with RiverView Health the past eight with the first 2 as the Director of Rehabilitation Services and in the last 6 years as the Vice President of Clinics and Ancillary Services.

6) If you could be a professional athlete which sport would you choose?

That is easy, Ice Hockey!

7) We all have “quirks” what is one of yours?

Well if you were to ask around the list is long but I would choose that I really enjoying spending hours detailing vehicles, boats, motorcycle etc.