Emily Gillette is the daughter of Bill and Kim Gillette, and is sponsored by the Crookston Figure Skating Club.

Tell me a little bit about yourself- what are your hobbies, interests, extracurriculars?

    I participate in many extracurriculars, including: Cross Country, Competitive Figure Skating, Knowledge Bowl, Speech, Envirothon, and Orchestra. I like being outside, reading, and hanging out with my cat.

What are your future plans for after high school?

     I am still looking at schools, but I would like to major in Animal Science with a possible minor in Political Science.
What is your platform, and why did you choose this? Do you have any previous involvement in this issue?

    My Platform includes getting “young people” and youth interested and involved in politics. I have always kept an eye on current events and as I have gotten older I have realized how much of a push young adults have on the political climate but many grow up uninformed. I think that providing kids with the means to understand how politics work can lead to a brighter future.

What's your talent, and why did you choose your particular talent?

    I will be playing a violin solo. I get nervous playing my instrument for others, so I think performing on stage will push me past my comfort zone.

Why did you decide to run for Miss Crookston?

    Honestly, I jokingly asked my friends if I should and they all answered “yes.”

What would you like to accomplish as Miss Crookston?

    I would like to use my voice to advocate for my community of highschoolers, providing opinions that might not be heard otherwise.

What would it mean to you to be crowned Miss Crookston 2019?

    If I got the opportunity to be crowned Miss Crookston, it would show me that the hard work that I’ve put in to be articulate and intelligent has been appreciated by the adults in the community.
Anything else you'd like Crookston to know about you?    

    If you have a dog I would love to pet it.