Ashlyn is the daughter of Teresa & Richard Genereux, and is sponsored by Northern Sky Bank.

Tell me a little bit about yourself- what are your hobbies, interests, extracurriculars?

    In school I play volleyball and softball, I love playing competitive sports with my friends. I also am in Leo Club to support my community and help others. I love to be outside and do water sports with friends whenever I’m not working. I have 2 jobs right now, Daroos and Northern Sky Bank, I love to talk to people and make their day better.

What are your future plans for after high school?

    After highschool I’m going to go into the Air Force and go to NDSU for Engineering.

What is your platform, and why did you choose this? Do you have any previous involvement in this issue?

    My platform is Youth Leadership: Service Above Self. I chose this because I had just went to RYLA and I learned how important being a leader is and I felt that the youth in my community should learn that anyone can be a leader and one piece of being a leader, is serving others and the environment around them. Doing something small for someone can make their day and even change their life. Helping the elderly in their neighborhood or volunteering at the food bank are great ways to make Crookston a better place.

What is your talent, and why did you choose this talent?

    For my talent I will be speed painting because I thought it would be something fun and different to learn how to do.

Why did you decide to run for Miss Crookston?

    I’m running for Miss Crookston to help my community and to get out of my comfort zone to try new things and to also have fun.

What would you like to accomplish as Miss Crookston?

     If I was crowned Miss Crookston I would make Crookston a better place for kids to get involved and help grow their leadership skills since they are the future.

What would it mean to you to be crowned Miss Crookston 2019?

    It would mean so much to me to win Miss Crookston because when I set goals for myself and I work very hard to achieve them, it would be a great accomplishment. I would be so excited to do everything that Miss Crookston does in the community.