90-mile walk will conclude Friday evening, Aug. 2, at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Crookston.

A group of seven pilgrims depart from St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Fosston early Thursday, Aug. 1 led by Fr. Bryan Kujawa, associate pastor of St. Philip’s Catholic Church in Bemidji. The pilgrims are halfway through a 90-mile walking pilgrimage that started Tuesday morning, July 30, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Wilton and ends Friday evening at the Cathedral in Crookston. 


David Liedl, who organized the event, said, “We need holy men and women who are courageous. Men and women who are willing to answer God’s call to follow Him and lead lives of holiness. The goal of our walk is to raise awareness and encourage new vocations to the priesthood and religious life, but also to encourage those who have responded to God’s call to re-energized in their zeal for Christ.”


Liedl said he got the idea for the walk from his wife, Cassie, and father-in-law, Joe. “My father-in-law, Joe Sechser, took part in a similar walk almost 20 years ago in the Diocese of Duluth,” Liedl said. “Since their walk there has been a very generous response from men and women who have discerned their vocation.”


While Fosston is the halfway point on their journey, Liedl said the last half is where the journey gets harder. “The last two days are the longest days, 23 and 26 miles. It’s going to be a challenge,” he said. “You’re tired from the first 40-plus miles, blisters, sunburnt and sore feet, but you have to keep pushing ahead. One step at a time.”


The group of pilgrims will continue their walk along US Highway 2 and encouraged any and all who want to join in.