Color-coded documents will indicate progress being made, or not

    Everyone who’s ever been involved with creating a “strategic plan” of any kind has probably in one way, shape or form said during the process or after its completion that it’s very important that the finished document be frequently referred to, revisited, and followed up on, and not simply “collect dust on a shelf.”

    Crookston School District Superintendent Jeremy Olson, embarking on his second year at the helm of the district, has said as much on numerous occasions since a five-year strategic plan for the district was recently completed after a comprehensive, months-long process.

    “We need to keep it at the forefront,” he said.

    Much like Olson is known to, in his reports to the Crookston School Board, touch on the goals he is to work toward – goals he and members of the board previously arrived at together that are the reference point of the board’s evaluation of his performance – the superintendent will also be updating board members on how things are coming along in regard to the strategic plan.

    He’s providing board members a single-page, color-coded document that focuses on the plan’s components to be addressed in year one of the plan. If an objective is blue in color, it hasn’t been embarked on yet. If it’s green, it’s “in progress” and “on track.” If an objective is yellow in color, it’s “behind schedule.”

    “This will be constantly kept in front of the board and updated,” Olson said. “Obviously, we’re not doing everything in the first year because that would be impossible.”

    The primary first year focus areas are relationship-building and communication. “They’re the two bases on which we could the other components of the plan,” Olson explained, adding that a sub-component of those two focus areas is improved school attendance.

    Olson said board members will be updated monthly on progress being made, or not made, on first-year components of the strategic plan.

    “We want to remain laser-focuses on the strategic initiatives we’ve identified,” he said.