Video Production of Council Meetings

    During the City Council’s Strategic Planning Session earlier this year there was talk about providing video recordings of the council’s meetings and making those productions available via Channel 3, on Facebook and YouTube and on the city’s website, among others, to give the public an opportunity to take part in those meetings. City Administrator Shannon Stassen told the Council this week that “it’s more than flipping a switch and controlling the video” and video production would require significant time and expertise to present a video that is of high quality. And then there’s the potential cost…

    Information Technology director Phillip Barton gave council members a list of approximate hardware pricing and “additional considerations” which added up to approximately $14,264 plus having to “improve room lighting, electrician for SDI cabling termination, training for staff, and estimated 1-2 additional hours of work following meetings for trimming, exporting, and archiving video.”

    “I know some are aware that East Grand Forks does record all their meetings,” Barton explained. “They (EGF) have some funding avenues to accommodate the costs associated with that. I’ve had some conversations with their primary IT person and how they’ve set things up.”

    “Because of the size of their department, it’s a bit simpler to do; easier than a one-man IT department” he added, referring to himself as the only IT person for the city.

    Ward 5 City Council Member Dale Stainbrook said EGF recently built their City Hall and had the opportunity to add necessary IT equipment when it was being built. He thought the council should “table this for a while” as he thought money could be well spent elsewhere.  

Building Permit Waiver for Construction Trades Home

    Crookston City Council voted this week to waive building permit fees for the Construction Trades home on Hoven Lane. The CT program at Crookston High School introduces students to future careers in the industry and is led by Travis Oliver.

    “It’s an important program and we’ll take all the trades people we can get,” City Administrator Shannon Stassen explained. “It’s an opportunity for the city to support that program.”

    Over the past couple of years, CT students have built houses on Hoven Lane and Eickhof Boulevard.