Agreement reached after only three negotiations sessions.

The Crookston School Board’s new, two-year contract agreement with the teachers’ bargaining unit, the Crookston Education Association, includes a 1% salary increase in 2019-20 and a 3% salary increase in 2020-21.

It took only three sessions between board and CEA negotiators to hammer out a deal.

“Three meetings…I don’t think there have been any (new contracts) in the last decade that were done in three meetings,” said board chair Frank Fee, who was on the board’s Negotiations Committee with Tim Dufault. “Everyone was sensible. The CEA came in with some great things, and we went from there.”

Dufault and the CEA’s lead negotiator, Sara Geist, had told the Times previously that these negotiations were also different than most because of their spirit of collaboration and overall positive vibes. Dufault said negotiators talked as much about school climate and improving education for kids in the public schools as they did about insurance benefits.