Second building could include some sort of business, possibly a restaurant

    Tuesday was a productive day for the West Fargo developers looking to construct two new apartment buildings with 18 units in each and accompanying garages on North Broadway in Crookston south of Casey’s General Store and across the street from the new Agassiz Townhomes.

    First, the CHEDA Board of Directors gave CHEDA Executive Director Craig Hoiseth the go-ahead to continue to finalize a purchase agreement with APG Development on the parcel that’s owned by CHEDA. Hoiseth said he expects the sale price to be in the $90,000 range. Next, the City Planning Commission granted a variance for the project to reduce the required setbacks for the garages on one side of the parcel and balconies on second and third-floor units on the other side of the property.

    City Building Official Greg Hefta said no neighboring property owners responded to the notices they received of the proposed apartment project and the request for reduced setbacks.

    “I looked at it and I don’t see any conflicts,” commission member Bryan Schipper said. “It’s the perfect spot for something like this.”

    Nick Waverek and Elliot Steinbrink are among the partners in APG Development and are working with Hoiseth on making the project a reality. If Steinbrink’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he was born and raised in Crookston before moving away in 2004. He’s the son of Robin and the late Cheryl Steinbrink.

    The developers are planning on a two-phase project, with the southernmost building perpendicular to North Broadway being constructed first, along with garages for those 18 units. Steinbrink said that, with a timeline depending on the response to the first building, the second building to the northwest that runs parallel to North Broadway would then be built, along with the rest of the garages.

    The second building on the first floor could potentially also include some sort of “multi-use” component in the form of a restaurant or other business, Hoiseth and Steinbrink noted. That is why that building, facing North Broadway, is envisioned as the second to be constructed, to give more time for a potential multi-use component to come together.

    “It’s a nice spot for a restaurant,” Hoiseth said. “I actually spoke to someone who said they’d like to have a restaurant in that area.”

    The apartments would be rented at market rates.