Flage is accused of representing district for months after he moved to another district, and then refusing to surrender the office.

A Red Lake County commissioner is charged with the gross misdemeanor crime of non-surrender of public office because, according to a criminal complaint, he kept representing the district he was elected in for several months after he moved to another district, and then refused to surrender the office.

Information provided by Red Lake County Sheriff Mitch Bernstein indicates that Charles Anthony Flage, 67, of Red Lake Falls is due in court for his initial appearance on Aug. 7.

The criminal complaint was filed on July 15. It states that Flage is currently a commissioner in Red Lake County representing District 1. He was elected to that office on Nov. 6, 2018 and began serving in January 2019. But prior to that, the complaint indicates, Flage represented District 4 from January 2015 to July 2018, even though he moved to another residence located in District 1 of Red Lake County in September 2017. He continued to serve as commissioner for District 4 for several months. 

The allegation is that Flage “exercised the function of a public office when the right thereto had ceased, and he refused to surrender the office.” In the midst of the investigation, according to the complaint, Flage resigned from the county board as the District 4 representative on July 1, 2018.