Market-rate units are south of Casey’s, across the street from Agassiz Townhomes

    Developers from West Fargo, N.D. are pursuing the construction of a two-structure apartment complex and garages on North Broadway in Crookston, south of Casey’s General Store and across the street from the recently completed Agassiz Townhomes.

    Like The Meadows apartment complex recently constructed near Crookston Sports Center and Drafts, the proposed apartments would be market-rate. The immediate popularity of The Meadows with renters in Crookston has apparently shown other developers that there’s a market in Crookston for tenants willing and able to pay market-rate rents in new apartments.

    APG Development’s plans will be the topic of conversation on two occasions on Tuesday, July 16. The CHEDA Board of Directors and CHEDA Executive Director Craig Hoiseth will discuss the proposal when they meet in the morning, and then the City Planning Commission in the evening will consider a variance request by the developers to reduce required property line setbacks for the garages on the east side of the property and the second and third-floor apartment balconies on the west side. The current architectural renderings of the complex have one building running parallel along North Broadway and the second building to the south and southeast forming sort of an “L” shape with the first building. Tucked to the east of the first building and the north of the second building are the garages. In their variance application, APG Development notes that without the variance, the “curb appeal” on North Broadway would be “greatly diminished.”


    Nick Waverek and Elliot Steinbrink are among the partners in APG Development, Hoiseth tells the Times. Their experience to date has been mostly in single-family housing, but they feel there is an opportunity to add multi-family rental units in Crookston.

    “As always with every customer, we considered every possible location for such a development, including the downtown areas, but (APG Development) are convinced that this particular location adjacent to existing apartments, close to the high school, and now with Agassiz Townhomes, is the best place to locate,” Hoiseth explains.

    Waverek and Steinbrink, he continues, have been paying particularly close attention to the positive developments regarding Epitome Energy building a soybean crush and biodiesel facility in Crookston. They have also observed various successes and local investments of Crookston’s other large employers – such as RiverView Health’s major construction project currently underway – and, coupled with the enthusiasm that greeted the opening of The Meadows, Hoiseth said APG thinks there’s a continued appetite for market-rate rental units here.

    The CHEDA Board has previously, in a closed session, discussed selling the parcel to APG Development, and a proposed purchase agreement is on Tuesday’s board agenda.

    The proposal as of now would be to construct the two buildings in phases, and every unit would have its own garage. Hoiseth says including a “multi-use” component with one of the buildings to allow for a restaurant or other amenities has also been discussed.