A Crookston man faces a burglary charge after allegedly stealing cash and checkbooks from an open Villa St. Vincent office. Joshua Marvin Goulet, 43, has nine prior burglary convictions on his record as well as theft and receiving stolen property, and has reportedly stolen from the Villa before.

    According to court documents, on the morning of June 30, a Crookston police officer spoke to Goulet who said a week prior he had entered the office of Cynthia Hulst, who is the Foundation Director for the Villa St. Vincent, and stole money from a purse in the office. Goulet said the office was open during the day and the $70 he took he also spent.

    The officer was aware that Goulet also admitted a week before to stealing money from a nursing home in Grand Forks.

    Goulet directed the officer to a wooded area between the 400 block of Central Avenue and 700 block of Albert Street in Crookston where he disposed of a wallet he took money from. There, the officer found checkbooks and papers including an American Federal Bank cash envelope. One of the checkbooks had a name, “Carmen Brule and Alan Brule,” and there was an entry in the book for June 10, 2019.

    The officer placed Goulet under arrest and transported him to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center.

    Later, the officer spoke to Cynthia Hulst who stated her wallet was not missing but she might be missing money. During the past week, she continued, Hulst entered her office and found her wallet lying open inside of her desk and it appeared to be tampered with. Hulst added that she had cashed a check at American Federal Bank and had approximately $30 in an envelope, said the complaint.

    Carmen Brule also worked at the Villa and had an office next to Hulst’s, she explained. Brule’s office was generally open during the day but no one had permission to enter if she wasn’t there, Hulst told the officer.

    Hulst said she knew Joshua Marvin Goulet as he had previously burglarized her office and residents’ rooms at the Villa.

    The officer then spoke to Carmen Brule who said she was missing her wallet, missing some checks and cash, and that she banked at American Federal Bank and had a cash envelope in her purse. She said she thought she had misplaced her property so she didn’t report it. Brule added that her office is open during the day, but not generally open to the public.

    The officer returned to the location where the checkbooks were discovered and found a wallet with Brule’s driver’s license and debit card.