No vendor bid on the job this year, leaving Parks & Rec staff to mow

    Summer is here, we’ve had some rain, the heat looks like it’s finally arrived…and it’s starting to get to the point where, if you’re super-quiet, you can almost hear the grass growing.

    And it’s not getting mowed often enough, apparently, on several private properties in Crookston, as City of Crookston Finance Director Angel Weasner reports that, already this spring and summer, the City has received more than double the complaints from residents about long grass/weeds than it did in all of 2018.

    “Ashley (Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant Ashley Rystad) has been very busy (fielding long grass complaint calls,” Weasner tells the Times.

    Adding to the challenge of following up on the complaints is the fact that no one bid this year on the City’s advertisement for bids for mowing services, specifically, to respond to long grass/weeds complaints. Typically, Weasner explains, one or more bids would come in and the City would contract for mowing services with the most appropriate vendor, and they would handle mowing duties on properties that have triggered complaints to city hall.

    With no bidders this year, Weasner said Parks & Recreation staff are handling those mowing duties instead, on top of the many mowing responsibilities they already have in the City’s many parks and other right-of-ways.

    The City assesses property owners with long grass and/or weeds $25 for the first mow, and the fee escalates if future complaints necessitate additional mows by the City.