Superintendent's ratings are based on five goals he established with board members.

As he nears his first anniversary as superintendent of the Crookston School District, Jeremy Olson has received high marks from the school board that hired him.

“The board likes what it’s seen so far,” Crookston School Board Chair Frank Fee said Monday as he summarized the findings of the board’s recent evaluation of Olson’s performance during his first year here. “The board is very pleased,” Fee added.

The board conducted the closed-door evaluation on May 28. Olson’s ratings were based on a handful of goals he and the board set together soon after he was hired, and board members were asked to rate Olson on each goal as distinguished, accomplished, satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Here’s how Olson did, in the board’s eyes, in relation to the five goals:

• Timely Communication: Distinguished – Fee said the board feels Olson’s communication with the board, staff and public exceeded expectations in his first year.

• School District Finances: Accomplished – In his first year, Fee said, Olson has “gotten a grasp on the school finances.”

• Grow Student Enrollment: Accomplished – Although the trend of declining enrollment continued in Olson’s first year on the job, Fee said even though it’s too soon to gauge Olson’s enrollment strategies or see any significant enrollment gains, the board “likes what it has seen” from Olson so far in the area of enrollment.

• Pirate Pride: Distinguished – Fee said Olson has done “an excellent job of promoting Pirate Pride.”

• Student Achievement: Accomplished – Again, Fee noted, it’s too early to judge Olson’s impact on student achievement, but the board is encouraged so far by his approach.

“We’re looking forward to many more years of your work,” Board member Tim Dufault told Olson.