Love the game Monopoly? Love Crookston? Now you can play Crookston-opoly, a game customized to fit the northwestern Minnesota town.

Crookston-opoly appeared on the shelves Thursday at Crookston's Walmart and fans of the game are already snatching up copies. 

Bill Schulte, Vice President of Late for the Sky production company, told the Times that people from smaller towns don't see too much about themselves and then a game like this comes out and they're excited.

"Walmart approached us," Schulte explained. "They're the ones that triggered the whole thing."

"They'd like to be closer to their community and their customer," he added. "It then becomes a destination and it's exclusive to their store."

When asked about the turnaround time of building a custom game like this, Schulte said companies give them their request and they begin their research. Once they have their research completed, they could produce the game in just a few weeks.

"We look at websites and a visitor's site or anything we can find online that's in Crookston, then we put that game together and send it to the store," he explained.

Next, Late for the Sky asks for the company's blessing on what we've come up with and once it's approved they produce it and ship it.

"Some towns embrace them more than others and it sounds like Crookston is really enjoying the idea," said Schulte. "We can always make more and ship more if they run out."

Crookston-opoly features businesses like the Irishman's Shanty, Widmans Candy Shop and the Grand Theatre, plus they feature attractions and events like Ox Cart Days, Veterans Memorial Walkway and the Red River Valley Sugarbeet Museum.

The back of the Crookston-opoly box reads, "While it's impossible to include everything, we jammed all the Crookston we could into this box. It's full of outdoor adventures, family attractions, rich traditions and of course...UMC - a little something for everyone! Looking for a fun way to experience Crookston?"

"Here's a quick idea of how to play! Buy your favorite Crookston properties, increase your rent by collecting City Blocks and trading them in for Keys to the City. Sound easy? Well, add in some traffic jams, property tax and parking fines and it gets as little more difficult and a lot more fun!"

"Get your game on! Choose your token and advance to GO CROOKSTON! You may soon by the Mayor... or out of the game for eating too many Shanty Burgers from Irishman's Shanty!"

"This is Crookston... and it's your roll!"