First spray is Tuesday evening, June 18, weather-permitting.

The City of Crookston is poised to kick off its 2019 mosquito spraying schedule Tuesday evening, June 18. The City's pickup-mounted sprayer will begin spraying the entire community beginning at 6 p.m., which is earlier in the evening that previous years.

A few years ago, at the urging of then-Mayor Gary Willhite, the City, led by Public Works Director Pat Kelly, stepped up its spraying efforts, with consistent spraying all summer and into September. The thinking then was that the City's Pest Control budget has a healthy balance, and that money could and should be spent on spraying for mosquitoes.

This spring, there have been some complaints about gnats as well in the community, but Kelly said last week that the chemical the City uses for mosquito control has little to no impact on the gnat population.