CPD, CPBA do not solicit donations via phone call or email, he says

    Crookston Police Chief Paul Biermaier reports that several people in the community have notified the Crookston Police Department recently of receiving phone calls from the National Police Association, the National Police Trooper’s Association, the National Association of Police Organizations or possibly some other police related organization.  

    The callers are soliciting donations for whatever “police”-related endeavor they are engaged. While each of these organizations appear to be legitimate, Biermaier says the CPD does not receive support from any of them, at least not directly or locally.  

    Some people, Biermaier says, have stated that they would consider donating if they knew their money would stay local. The employees of the CPD are members of their own organization called the Crookston Police Benefit Association (CPBA), he said.

    The CPBA is a non-profit organization that is allowed to solicit and accept donations, but as a group they have elected to do this only on a very limited basis.  

    The CPD and CPBA do not solicit general donations via phone calls or emails. If you have the desire to donate locally you can do this through the CPBA and Biermaier says they are very thankful for your donations. This money helps support the annual Halloween party, the Night 2 Unite event in August and several other local events primarily for youth.

    The CPD has been a member of The National Child Safety Council (NCSC) for over 50 years, Biermaier says. The NCSC sends out a letter every year to local businesses requesting a donation, made payable to the NCSC.

    Those dollars are processed by the NCSC and are specific to the CPD allowing the CPD to obtain all the safety materials, sticker badges, wrist bands and other items for them to share with citizens.

    If you have any questions call the Crookston Police Department at 281-3111.