2019 CHS graduate and Miss Northern Lakes competing for Miss Minnesota crown

    Muira MacRae, a 2019 graduate of Crookston High School, is currently participating in the 2019 Miss Minnesota competition.

    After placing 1st Runner Up in the 2018 Miss Crookston competition, MacRae was spotted and asked to compete at the Miss Northern Lakes competition in Bemidji. She went on to win the title of Miss Northern Lakes, and since then, she has been preparing 2019 Miss Minnesota competition that will take place Wednesday, June 19 through Saturday, June 22.

    MacRae is currently participating in pre-competition activities at the Eden Prairie location. She traveled to Eden Prairie on Friday, June 14.

    MacRae is accompanied by her Northern Lights Princess, Lacey Follette. Miss Minnesota candidates are asked to choose a “princess” to accompany them to the competition, and MacRae’s pick was fourth grader Lacey Follette of Cathedral School in Crookston.  

    “I knew when I was first told that I could have [a Northern Lights Princess], I had a very special little girl in mind,” MacRae said. “I knew kind of from the beginning that I wanted Lacey to come with me and experience this fun journey too.”

    Follette will be crowned a Northern Lights princess Friday, June 22. She will also participate in numerous fun actives during the competition week, such as a princess etiquette class, a dance class, and a party with all of the Miss Minnesota candidates and Northern Lights Princesses.     

    “I’m really really really excited!” Follette said. “I get to meet new friends at the Miss Minnesota pageant, and i also just get to be with Muira a lot and be with the other princess, so i’m really excited about that.”

    MacRae and Lacey have gone to many events together, such as the 2018 Queen City Art Festival in Crookston.

    In order to prepare for the competition, MacRae has been working on her talent, practicing public speaking, and promoting her platform.

    MacRae is doing the same “misheard lyrics” piece that she performed for the Miss Crookston and Miss Northern Lakes competitions,

     “I’m still doing musical comedy, because I still really loved the idea of including all of the things that I’ve practiced so hard and have been doing for my entire life, and I didn’t want to choose one of them,” MacRae said. “I write a lot, mostly comedy things, and I’ve always been into music, and dancing a little bit. I like words and the way that they work and how by changing one simple phrase you can change the entire meaning of the song. So I’m still doing the misheard lyrics piece. I think actually it’s almost exactly the same. It’s just a different timeframe and a different order.”

    MacRae has been working hard to practice public speaking and promote her platform.

    “Probably the biggest area that I’ve been practicing the most is public speaking, I’ve been going to a lot of different events and trying to really get into my platform,” MacRae said. “I’ve been doing a lot of different projects for my platform, which is body confidence in young women. I have a website now, which is bodyconfidence.world, and I have a project that I’m doing called We Are, and I’m asking a bunch of different girls from all over the community, who are my age, some are younger or older, to pick words that make them feel the most confident, or a word that describes what they are doing when they feel the most confident. It’s sort of to show that we are all different, and that makes us all unique, and that makes us all beautiful and confident in our own ways.”

    She has also been selling T-shirts with her quotes on them, her main motto being “Beauty starts on the inside… confidence is having the courage to show it on the outside.”

    “They’re all about rocking it and being beautiful, confident, and strong,” MacRae said.    Another thing MacRae has had to practice is walking in heels.

    “I’m kind of a klutz, and I’ m not very good with the heels,” MacRae said, “but I’ve been practicing that a lot.”

    When asked what she is most excited for about the competition, Macrae said the interview portion.

    “I think that I am most excited probably for my interview, just because that is the part that I get to share my platform the most and that’s why i’m doing this in the first place, is to share my platform with people,” MacRae said. “My on stage question and my interview, that is where they are going to ask about my platform, and that is where I get to share with everyone else why I believe in this and why I want to show young girls they can feel confident in themselves, because I’m up on that stage and I look different than anyone else who’s come in the years before me, and I’m just a different body type and I feel confident in that, and so I want other people to know that they can also feel confident in themselves no matter who they are or what they’re interested in or what they look like.”

    After the competition, MacRae hopes to go on a speaking tour to share her platform.

    “After I return from Miss Minnesota, whether that’s with a new title or not, I’m hopefully planning on doing a speaking tour where I’m going to talk to different communities and talk to groups of young girls and help the young girls,” MacRae said. “I just really want to bring groups of girls together for them to not only realize that they themselves are wonderful, but for them to see that everyone around them is also wonderful, and that we can’t push each other down, because that only pushes ourselves down, so if we all celebrate each other and we do that together everyone will feel good.”

    Follette is inspired most by MacRae because of “like how she has so much confidence in herself, and she’s just a really good friend too,” Follette said.”

    However, she’s going to wait until she’s a “little bit older” to compete in a pageant of her own.

    “I just want to thank the Crookston Community, because they have been amazingly wonderful,” MacRae said. “I’m just so honored that everyone believes in my vision as much as I do, so I just want to say thank you.”

    The Crookston Community can support MacRae by voting for her for the Miss Minnesota People’s Choice Award at https://brownpapertickets.com/event/4108333 for $1 per vote.

    The first day of activities is Saturday, with the Wednesday is the interview and talent, Thursday is evening gown, and Saturday is the final competition.

    To follow updates on winners of preliminaries, scholarships that are awarded, biographies of candidates and the announcement of the winner of the SHERO competition on June 22 of which Shirley Iverson is a contestant, visit missminnesota.org. MacRae will also be posting pictures and updates on her Facebook account.