Kids will get a ticket, good for a free cone at DQ

    Your child might come home with a ticket this summer, but don’t worry, this is a “good” ticket.  Kids caught by a Crookston Police officer wearing a helmet while on a bike, scooter, and skateboard or using in-line skates have a good chance of receiving a coupon for a free small ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen.  

    The “I Got Caught” campaign is sponsored by AAA, Dairy Queen, the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association and Safe Kids Minnesota.  

    Here are a few bits of information to illustrate why this is such an important campaign, how parents can help prevent brain injuries and why all of our children need to wear helmets:

    • Brain injuries sustained while not wearing a helmet can kill.

    • Brain injuries can forever damage a child’s ability to think, walk and talk.

    • Wearing a helmet can reduce brain injuries by as much as 88%.

    • Buy an approved helmet that meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) standards.

    • Letting your child pick out the helmet will help him/her be more apt to wear it each and every time.

    • Make sure the bike, scooter and other equipment is the right size for the child.

    Parents/guardians are asked to explain to your child that there is a limited number of “tickets” and depending on what an officer is doing at any particular moment he will not always be able to stop and issue a ticket.  

    The CPD thanks the Crookston Dairy Queen for again participating in the program.  

    If you have any questions, call at 281-3111.