Crookston resident Dave Regeimbal has stood at the podium in the city hall council chambers several times over the years, to voice his concerns and complaints or ask questions about various street projects or other things the City of Crookston is doing. But he was perhaps never more angry at the podium than he was this week when he asked the council why his driveway approach has yet to be fixed after two years.

    Regeimbal, speaking mostly to Public Works Director Pat Kelly and to a lesser extent Widseth Smith Nolting & Associates engineer Rich Clauson, said the City’s “fix” that involved pouring a hot asphalt mix over broken cement was a poor attempt that, not surprisingly, didn’t hold up.

    “This has been going on for two years now, and, quite frankly, I’m a little pissed off,” Regeimbal said, voice raised. “I want it fixed and I want it fixed right. That’s what I asked for and that’s what the council promised me. …It’s a big deal to me because it’s mine and I pay taxes on it.”

    At one point Regeimbal enthusiastically pointed a finger across the chambers at Kelly, who pointed back at him while trying to state the City’s case.

    But in the end, the exchange was over in a couple minutes.

    “Fine. You know…fine,” Kelly said, adding that the City will properly remedy the end of Regeimbal’s driveway. When the City’s 2019 street improvement project contractor gets to finishing the street in the coming weeks, Kelly said they would address Regeimbal’s driveway.

Mosquitoes and gnats

    With the wet spring, the mosquitoes are starting to hatch in greater numbers. Asked by Ward 1 Council Member Jake Fee if spraying will commence soon, Kelly said they will, adding that his staff had recently calibrated the spraying machines.

    Fee also asked about the gnat population, which is heavier than normal. Kelly said he’s aware of their larger-than-usual numbers. “They’re thick, but (the City’s mosquito chemical) really doesn’t do much for them.”

Speed trailer, peace pole

    • Ward 6 Council Member Cindy Gjerswold thanked Police Chief Paul Biermaier for placing the CPD’s speed alert trailer on Walsh Street for a period of time recently. Residents on the street had recently expressed concerns about traffic speeds on the street and asked that the addition of a stop sign be considered.

    “People weren’t going as fast as maybe we thought, but I think (the speed trailer) had an effect,” Gjerswold said.

    • Ward 4 Council Member Don Cavalier said that a new engraved “peace pole” made out of oak will soon be installed at Town Square. The Rotary Club’s first peace pole made out of PVC was damaged by the weather, as well as vandals.