Funds raised will benefit major building project

    It’s almost time to tee-it-up for the 15th Annual RiverView Foundation Golf Classic. The Golf Classic will be held Monday, June 10 at Minakwa Golf Club, Crookston.

    “RiverView Foundation counts on our friends and business partners to help insure that we can continue to provide necessary access to quality health care services in our community and region,’’ said Foundation Director Kent Bruun. “With past stakeholder support, the Foundation has raised over $350,000 in the 14-year history of this event which has effectively supported priority initiatives focused on providing exceptional patient care, always.’’

Building project

    According to Bruun, funds raised from this year’s Golf Classic will be designated for the new Inpatient Unit, an integral part of “RiverView 2020,” RiverView’s hospital and clinic replacement project.

    The Inpatient Unit will be housed on the top floor of a newly constructed 80,000 square foot building that will face the Red Lake River on the east and Castle Park on the west. The Unit will house 18 universal patient rooms, three labor and delivery rooms, and four family suites. Every room will have a private bathroom and a large floor plan to allow caregivers adequate space to provide exceptional patient care and room to ensure family and friends are comfortable. RiverView 2020 is scheduled for completion the fall of 2020.

    “The Inpatient Unit portion of the building has served our community well since the 1950s, but its age and limitations are recognized as a growing concern,’’ Bruun shared. “The time is here for a retirement of the space and for our hospital’s renewed investment in an improved Inpatient Unit that will enhance care and better accommodate the needs of our patients, their families and our clinical care team.

    “Together we can accomplish anything we set our hearts out to do,” Bruun continued. “Please consider joining in this growing movement of giving for the benefit of our local hospital and the wellbeing of our community.’’

Projects funded through the years

    Many priority projects have been funded at RiverView with funds brought in by the Golf Classic. The following is a summary of funds brought in through the event and the projects benefitted:

    • 2018: $33,700, Inpatient Unit

    • 2017: $33,500, Nurse/Patient Call System

    • 2016: $30,800, 3-vital monitors for the Emergency Department

    • 2015: $29,000, Infusion/PCA pumps and lab analyzer

    • 2014: $28,500, Vital monitoring system project

    • 2013: $27,000, Work simulator project

    • 2012: $27,000, Three anesthesia machines

    • 2011: $25,500, Central cardiac monitoring system for the ER

    • 2010: $22,600, CT/MRI radiology project

    • 2009: $23,000, Inpatient beds

    • 2008: $22,000, Inpatient renovation project

    • 2007: $20,000, Digital heart monitoring/event recording for RiverView’s primary care clinics

    • 2006: $16,700, Stereotactic 3-dimensional breast biopsy services

    • 2005: $16,200, Update the telemetry heart monitoring system for the Intensive Care Unit

    This is a popular tournament and player spots are limited. If you are interested in participating as a golfer, sponsor, or would like to donate an item for the silent auction,  contact Bruun at 281-9249 or You can also benefit RiverView’s building project by sending your donation to the Foundation office at 323 South Minnesota Street, Crookston.