Changing FAA requirements, increasing equipment and technology costs cited as reasons why.

The University of Minnesota Crookston is ending its Bachelor of Science in Aviation program, Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs John Hoffman has announced.

In a special edition of the Campus E-Update Friday, Hoffman made the following remarks in delivering the news:

“It is with sadness I share that the University of Minnesota Crookston will suspend admission of new students to the B.S. in Aviation program and initiate a process of teaching out classes for its current aviation students. 

“Aviation at UMN Crookston dates back to our founding as a two-year technical college in 1967 when several of our first college students formed ‘The Flying Trojans’ club. Over the more than 50 years since then, aviation education evolved into an academic degree program that has produced nearly 150 alumni specializing in aviation for agriculture, natural resources, and law enforcement. The program has been bolstered through its partnership with UND Aerospace and through strong support from dedicated alumni, Kyle Tucker and other faculty, and students. We are grateful for their leadership and contributions. However, with changing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and increasing equipment and technology costs, the program has become unsustainable at the small scale provided at UMN Crookston. 

“As a part of our commitment to our students and their success, UMN Crookston will provide additional scholarships to eligible aviation students for 2019-2020 to provide further support as they complete academic and flight requirements for their degrees. Additionally, UND Aerospace has agreed to continue as a partner with UMN Crookston in the coming year to help current students complete all remaining flight training requirements.”