Davidson says that's what he'd like to see; Olson says she can apply if she wants to.

In addition to officially accepting the resignation of colleague Kari Miller “with extreme reluctance” – she and her family are moving to Grand Forks – the Crookston School Board approved some significant personnel-related items this week. (As for Miller’s seat on the board, the board and Olson will seek to appoint someone early in the summer and then will hold a special election in November 2019. Miller’s term is set to expire in November 2020.)

First and foremost was the formal acceptance of Washington School Principal Denice Oliver’s official retirement letter. Board members and Superintendent Jeremy Olson knew it was coming a couple weeks ago, and Oliver went public with her intentions then, but the board still needed to approve it.

But will Oliver, who is also the director of Community Education and Early Childhood Family Education, leave entirely? That’s an intriguing question at some point. As part of an effort to save some money on administrative costs, the full-time position being vacated by Oliver is being budgeted in 2019-20 as a just-over half-time position, at .56 full-time equivalent. Although there are many regulations relating to how much money a person who has retired has made, and there might be even more rules when that person works in public education, it’s possible that Oliver could retire from her full-time employment and return in the fall at a .56 FTE level.

Board member Dave Davidson hinted that that’s what he’d like to see transpire.

“She has made a big impact on our school and our community, and I secretly hope she might be interested in 3.7,” he said.

Davidson was referring to the agenda item number the board approved to create the .56 FTE position to lead Washington School, Community Ed and ECFE in the coming school year.

Asked by the Times this week if the desired plan is to hire Oliver back in a reduced role, Olson said there is a process that must play out. Oliver has not been offered the job, he said, adding that she would be able to apply if she wishes and be in compliance with rules relating to teacher retirement. The position is being advertised, Olson added, and the application will close in mid-June, with the plan to offer the position to the desired applicant in early July.

Other personnel moves

• The board accepted the retirement letter from Julie Tiedemann, a paraprofessional at Highland School.

• The board approved the hiring of Alexandra Schiffler as an elementary teacher at Highland. She’s a new graduate of the College of St. Benedict.

• The board accepted the resignation letter form Aimee R. Silva, a School Age Care aide at Washington School.

• The board approved the hiring of Chelsey Lossing as a paraprofessional at Highland.