Hello once again from Crookston Public Schools! Summer is just around the corner! I feel very fortunate to be a part of this community and especially fortunate to be a part of what is happening at Crookston Public Schools. We have important work ahead of us in the coming years and I am eager to get started!

    Staff Appreciation Week: A big “thank you” to our PTO groups for your show of support for our teachers and staff this week. I have had several teachers and staff express how appreciative they were to be shown such support this week. PTO volunteers “chalked the walk” with positive sayings and signs of appreciation, provided snacks, meals, etc. This showing of appreciation was not lost on the staff and I believe I speak for everyone at Crookston Public Schools when I say “thank you”!

    Foreign Exchange Students: Crookston Public Schools encourages cultural exchange students. Exchange students broaden and enrich all of our students high school experiences by exposing our students to different languages and cultures. Exchange students are often looking for an American educational experience as well as a cultural experience. If you are interested in hosting an exchange student please contact the school as we would be more than happy to put you in touch with exchange programs as we believe that these types of exchanges only help our students.

    1st Grade to Highland School Transition: Our elementary schools are working very diligently to prepare for the transition of 1st grade to Highland next year. We met with parents last week to answer questions and explain our plans for next year. Our 1st grade teachers who will be moving to Highland, along with the existing 2nd grade teachers were on hand to answer parent questions. These teachers are working to make this transition from Washington a success!