Highland Elementary School sixth graders tested their Truss Bridges Monday in the Large Group Room.   Sixth grade teacher Dan Halland told the Times that two years ago he had two bridges that would not break and held over 150 pounds.   Update: Here are the numbers for Mr. Halland's Truss Bridge Competition
Mr. Halland Section 6-4
Bridge Type Weight Held Competitors   Modified Brown Truss 171.9 g 34.8 lbs. Malakai Hansen/Aaron Boreman
Modified Bailey Truss 154.3 g 99.7 lbs. Mariah Overgaard/Riley Helgeson
Brown Truss 187.2 g 118.5 lbs. Carley Knutson/Addy Pal
Warren/K Truss 180.4 g 123.5 lbs. Kaylie Clauson/Grace Alexander
Brown Truss 174.9 g 71.0 lbs. Jaelyn Johnson/Jack Everett
Warren/Whipple Truss 175.9 g 177.0 lbs. Georgia Sanders/Jameson Alzalde
Allen/Brown Truss 170.9 g 52.6 lbs. Matthew Contreras/Joey Nesseth
Allen Truss 160.9 g 114.4 lbs. Maya Aguilar/Adrienne Olson
Through Truss 119.1 g 134.4 lbs. Kendra Overgaard/Parker Kelly
Brown Truss 170.5 g 205.0 lbs. Naomi Olson/Madison Halland
Howe Truss 184.9 g 147.2 lbs. Michael Bochow/Samantha Sanchez
Brown Truss 161.1 g 117.0 lbs. Tessa Weber/Ryan Street
Warren/Brown Truss 160.5 g 76.8 lbs. Bradyn Pederson/Bryan Deleon
Bailey Truss 172.1 g 67.0 lbs. Addie Fee/Brandon Colborn
Modified Bailey/Bowstring 156.0 g 57.6 lbs. Chase Larson/Lucas Hall