Get to know your Crookston Area Chamber Board. These area professionals volunteer their time and knowledge to support our Chamber members, community, businesses and the Executive Director.

    Because of these individuals the energy continues to grow.

    This month we recognize Board member, Garret Kollin.

    1) How long have you served as a Crookston Area Chamber Board of Director?

    “I’ve been serving on the Crookston Area Chamber Board for 1 ½ now.”

    2) What has been your proudest moment while serving?

     “It would have to be being a part of the process of hiring our fearless and amazing director Terri Heggie.”

    3) Name something you have learned since serving on the Chamber Board of Directors.

    “Community Support of businesses is what makes a community run and without businesses there is no community.”

    4) Please share your thoughts on the importance of being a Chamber member.

    “ I know being a part of the Chamber is important in many ways for my business. For myself networking with each other, great marketing exposure and advertising opportunities within being a member, it gets myself involved in committees to bring greater value to the Crookston community. That’s just to name a few.”

    5) Tell us about your family and what you do for a living.

    “I’m married to Ericka (Erdmann) of Crookston and I grew up in Fertile, MN. We have four kids Allessandra (6), Annie (4), Gus (2) and Eleanor (1) who we are so happy to be raising in this amazing community. As a Thrivent Financial Advisor, I’m called to help combine your values and finances in ways that help enable you to reach your goals. I assess your situation and develop a financial plan designed exclusively for you using an appropriate combination of strategies and solutions. Whether you are saving for retirement, need a to protect your greatest asset, or you’re preparing to retire and want help planning for sufficient retirement income, or you simply need help with investment management, I’m here for you. I have a passion for areas of retirement income distribution, estate planning and business succession planning.”

    6) If you could be a professional athlete which sport would you choose?

    “I would choose to be a golfer. It takes mental strength which is a big part of being a business owner plus it’s always warm when golfing.”

    7) We all have “quirks” what is one of yours?

    “I can wiggle my ears.”