Move helps Kittson, Marshall counties save significant dollars

    Polk County Sheriff’s Office will soon have two new county partners on their Zuercher server after the County Commissioners approved the partnership Tuesday. Sheriff Jim Tadman told commissioners that sheriffs from Kittson and Marshall counties reached out to their office to assist with a server hop that Polk County currently shares with Crookston and East Grand Forks.

    By allowing the share, the two counties could save in upwards of $150,000 rather than having their own standalone server. Tadman assured the commissioners that there would be no additional cost to Polk County and that it would be a quick setup.

    Marshall County and Kittson County Sheriff’s Office requested to onboard with Polk County’s Zuercher records management server so they could share name cards. Tadman said all the entities could share information on reports and names would “pop up” when the server is accessed.

    “Without assistance, it would cost Marshall an extra $91,000,” Tadman explained. “And Kittson would be at $124,000 (in costs) versus $62,000, about half price.”

    “Technology will change again and we have to share what we can,” he added later. “We’re trying to be a good neighbor.”

    Zuercher Tech provides software solutions to small and medium public safety agencies across the country.