He also debuted the upcoming new layout of classrooms in an architectural design he created himself

Highland School Principal Chris Trostad invited parents of Washington School kindergartners and first graders to a special meeting Tuesday to address any questions or concerns they had about the upcoming transition for the 2019-20 school year where first grade will move to Highland and Washington will house only preschool and kindergarten.

Trostad first reassured the crowd that there is enough space to house the incoming first graders as the building can house 600 students and, this year, they’re at 420 students. Next year, with the first graders, they will have around 500 students in the building.

Trostad showed an architectural design of the new layout, which he designed himself, and assured parents that first and second grades will have their own “wing.” Third and fourth graders will have their classrooms on the other side of the first section, and fifth and sixth graders will be on the opposite side of the building with the cafeteria and gymnasium separating the two sections.

Principal Trostad and Superintendent Jeremy Olson, as well as Washington Principal Denice Oliver, were all on-hand to answer questions and hear comments from parents.

Stemming from Tuesday’s meeting, it seems as a parent orientation will be held closer to the end of the month around the same time as the student’s “Meet the Teacher Day.”