Freedom Church Crookston officially launched as a second campus of Freedom Church Grand Forks Sun., April 7 with their launch service. Freedom Church Crookston began as a simple idea to start a second campus in the Crookston community in order to reach people regardless of their situation or where they are on their faith-journey.

    “We had a number of families from Crookston who were attending Freedom Church in Grand Forks,” said Freedom Church Lead Pastor Nathan Johnson. “We wanted to provide a place for those individuals to worship as well as to offer a life-giving faith community for those searching for one.”

    The road to creating Freedom Church Crookston has been a quick one as Pastor Nathan Johnson debuted the idea in the fall of 2018 to five families who live in or around the Crookston area including; Matthew and Marcia Loeslie, Travis and Jess Ross, Curt and Cindy Hamre, Brittney and Michael Kaehn, and Shawn and Kayla Smith. The five families became the launch team who were tasked with helping to get together the plan to plant the Crookston campus.

    What began as a simple idea, transformed into vision nights at Bede Ballroom on the University of Minnesota Crookston campus, to help communicate Freedom Church’s vision and the plan for the launch in Crookston. The vision nights eventually led into three preview services at Kiehle Auditorium on the Minnesota Crookston campus in March, followed by the launch service on April 7. The church would not have been able to get through the process without the aid of launch team leaders Matthew and Marcia Loeslie, who have now taken the title of campus pastors for Freedom Church Crookston.

    “My wife Marcia and I felt it was important to be a part of a church in our community so when we were asked to help plant a church in Crookston we were excited about the opportunity,” said Site Pastor Matthew Loeslie. “Eventually, various roles in the church needed to be filled. We were asked to serve in a leadership capacity. After prayerful consideration, we said yes. Freedom Church Crookston is made up of many dedicated volunteers and we are excited to be a part of a great team.”

    Freedom Church Crookston has come a long way from the initial vision of a second campus. You can expect an extremely welcoming atmosphere when coming to Freedom Church Crookston, which has services at 11 a.m., on Sunday mornings at Kiehle Auditorium. The life-giving service includes a great sermon from the pastoral staff, either live or streamed on a massive screen in the auditorium from Freedom Church Grand Forks. In addition, enjoy an upbeat worship set led by Worship Pastor Josiah Negron and his talented band of musicians, who are excited to lead the congregation in praise and worship.

    Though it has been a quick journey to the launch of Freedom Church Crookston, the mission is far from over. Freedom Church is looking to grow God’s kingdom and be an active member of the Crookston community.

    “I would like to see Freedom Church Crookston firmly established as a growing multi-site church which has awesome live worship and solid biblical teaching,” Loeslie said. “I want to see Freedom Church Crookston be effective at reaching people for Jesus so that lives can be transformed.”

    “My vision for Freedom Church Crookston is for it to be a place where people can experience the incredible love of Jesus, be encouraged in their faith regardless of where they are at in their faith-journey, and find hope for whatever situation they are facing,” Johnson said. “My desire is that people will experience love and acceptance and discover a family to walk through life with.”

    For more information on Freedom Church Crookston visit or visit our facebook or Instagram @freedomchurchcrookston.