Trostad hoping to relieve anxiety while creating excitement about the change in the fall

    Parents and guardians of current Washington Elementary School kindergartners and first graders are invited to an informational meeting Tuesday, May 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Highland School in the large group room to discuss the transition of next year’s first and second graders from Washington to Highland, said Highland Principal Chris Trostad in a letter sent home with students this week.

    Trostad explained that his goal was to make the transition for students and parents as easy as possible to “relieve anxiety” and “create excitement” to move to Highland School next school year.

    “I have worked hard and sought as much input as possible to create a configuration at Highland School that will separate our younger students from our older students as much as possible,” he stated in the letter. “I believe we have accomplished that task and have created a ‘school within a school’ concept for next year.”

    “We will have all 5th and 6th grade students on the east end of the building and the lunchroom will separate them from the 1st through 4th grade students,” he added. “I believe I have created the best layout possible for our 1st and 2nd grade students for their needs.”

    The meeting on May 7 is meant to share information and receive input, hear concerns and get suggestions from parents to best prepare for next year.

    “Meet the Teacher Day” will be held the last day of school, but the May 7 meeting will help get additional input from parents on what they’d like to add to the “Meet the Teacher” event, said the letter.

    Principal Trostad also encouraged parents and guardians to reach out at any time by contacting him at the school or on his cell phone.

    “Your input will be valuable to make sure nothing is overlooked and make this the best experience possible for your child next year at Highland School!”