Sugar snap peas was clearly the preference of those surveyed.

    The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The One Vegetable, One Community 2019 veggie is… Sugar Snap Peas! Every year OVOC selects a vegetable to share seeds with the community in hopes they’ll start conversations about healthier choices.

    In February, OVOC posted a survey on Facebook to get the community’s feedback on what they’d like as their Vegetable of the Year and the consensus was Sugar Snap Peas.

    OVOC will have two varieties this year, Sugar Snap and Shelling Peas. They had their first giveaway event Thursday at Crookston High School where they handed out shelling pea seeds.

    Their 2019 flyer encourages people to plant three rows of peas: “Peas of Mind”, “Peas of Heart”, and “Peas of Soul.”

    One Vegetable, One Community strives to unite the community by encouraging gardeners to plant, grow, cook and share the vegetable of the year.  The goal is to see the vegetable growing in home gardens, community and school gardens, containers on front porches, in front of businesses, and faith-based organizations.  Through all of this One Vegetable, One Community (OVOC) starts a conversation in the community about food, nutrition and how a community can support healthier choices.

    OVOC is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Extension, Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP), Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc., Wonderful Life Foods, and Polk County Wellness Coalition.