Ellis says they represented Crookston well

    Last Wednesday, April 17, 21 Crookston High School Orchestra students participated in the String Solo and Ensemble Contest, hosted at Bemidji High School.

    School District Orchestra Instructor Haley Ellis reports the following:

    Students prepared and performed solo and small ensemble pieces for a judge and were given a score based tone quality, intonation, rhythm, balance, blend, technique, interpretation, musicianship, bowing, and other performance factors.  

    Students that received a score of 35-40 earned a Superior rating, or a Double Star, and those that received a score of 28-34 earned an Excellent rating, or a Single Star.  

    All Crookston High School students played their best, Ellis said, and represented Crookston well.  

    Orchestra competes in the 8AA division, with schools from Moorhead, Bemidji, Fergus Falls, and Thief River Falls.  

    Here is a list of the events that performed and their ratings:

    • Ella Weber (Bass Solo) - Double Star

    • Lily Sandman (Cello Solo) - Single Star

    • Katherine Geist and Emily Gillette (Violin Duet) - Single Star

    • Emily Gillette (Violin Solo) - Single Star

    • Emma Osborn, Ava Lopez, and Isabelle Herberg (String Trio) - Single Star

    • Ainsley Boucher (Violin Solo) - Single Star

    • Katherine Geist (Violin Solo) - Single Star

    • Dayen Sundquist (Violin Solo) - Single Star

    • Caden Osborn, Kathryn Halos, Linnea French, and Gabe Montieth (Viola Quartet) -

Single Star

    • Ailie Hujanen, Lisa Lindemoen, and Adalaid Shea (String Trio) - Single Star

    • Victoria Proulx (Violin Solo) - Single Star

    • Sarah Ryan and Audrey Harbott (Violin Duet)

    • Sophia Rezac (Violin Solo)

    • Janae Luckow (Cello Solo)