It’s next week, but most yards are too wet to do any spring cleaning

    In recent weeks, when the Red Lake River was expected to approach major flood level during the spring melt, the possibility of delaying the City of Crookston’s Spring Clean-Up Week was floated by City Administrator Shannon Stassen, who said that if City Public Works crews were still too wrapped up in the flood fight, the annual spring residential collection event would likely have to be pushed back to May.

    But with temperatures warming up, the snowpack dramatically reduced and the river’s crest in the rear-view mirror, the City’s 2019 Spring Clean-Up Week will go on as scheduled, April 22-26. On your regular garbage collection day, you can place certain items at your curbside and crews will come by, pick it up and haul it away.

    But, as Ward 2 City Council Member Steve Erickson noted this week, even if it appears spring has finally sprung, the vast majority of yards in Crookston are far too wet for anyone to do any spring yard work and fill bags with leaves, clippings or any other yard compost material that they would place at their curb for pick-up next week.

    It’s just going to have to be that way this time around, Stassen said. He said it’s always a goal to get the Crookston community spruced up and looking good in time for spring commencement at the University of Minnesota Crookston, which will take place on Saturday, May 4.

    There are other methods for Crookston residents to get their compost materials picked up once clean-up week comes and goes, Stassen noted. Compost materials such as grass clippings, leaves, garden waste and similar materials may be placed in clear City of Crookston compost bags and placed curbside on your regular garbage collection day.

    If should be noted that if you are by chance able to do some spring yard work in time for your Spring Clean-Up Week collection day, during that week you do not have to use clear City compost bags.

    Curbside City twig and branch collection is also expected to commence soon and continue on the second and and fourth Mondays of each month through October. Branches must be in four foot lengths and bundled. Twigs may be placed in boxes or plastic bags, but must be only twigs. Other material such as dirt or garbage will cause the boxes and bags to be left.

    As is always the case, people can bring their yard compost materials or branches to the Polk County Transfer Station on Ingersoll Avenue.

Spring Clean-Up Week guidelines

    Cleanup items should be separated into the following piles:

    • Garbage, clothing, cardboard, etc.

    • Appliances

    • Branches and yard waste (Branches must be cut in four foot lengths and bundled.)

    • Furniture, metal items, demolition, etc. and tires

    Placing these items out in separate piles will help speed the clean-up process.

    Polk County Public Health advises to not bring furniture, mattresses, box springs, or bed frames found on the street into your home in order to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

    As required by State Law, all video display devices (TVs, computer monitors, etc.) cannot be landfilled. Therefore, these items will not be collected during clean-up. These devices may be disposed of at the Transfer Station.

    Concrete, batteries, partially full paint cans, other chemicals, or large amounts of demolition debris will not be accepted.