She'd reportedly OD'ed earlier that day and the officer was trying to calm her down when she kicked him in the groin

    A St. Hilaire woman was recently arrested for fourth-degree assault after kicking a Crookston Police Sergeant in the groin while he was trying to calm her down in the RiverView Emergency Room. Barbara Rose Kakaygeesick, 32, had reportedly overdosed earlier that day before the incident, court documents said.

    On March 24 at approximately 6:35 p.m., a Crookston Police sergeant was dispatched to RiverView Health’s emergency room to assist with a patient that RiverView staff was having difficulties with and needed additional assistance. The officer arrived to assist with Kakaygeesick, whom he knew because he had received a call in relation to her overdosing earlier that day. The officer escorted Kakaygeesick to her room and tried to speak with her. The officer noted that she could not maintain conversation, randomly changing subjects to strange topics. Staff from the Northwestern Mental Health Center came into the room and tried to talk to Kakaygeesick, but were unsuccessful.

    After NWMHC staff exited the room, the officer again tried to talk to Kakaygeesick but she was adamant that she was going to walk around the hospital. The officer advised Kakaygeesick that she needed to stay in her room. The officer stood in front of Kakaygeesick and Kakaygeesick reportedly kicked him in the groin, said the complaint.

    The officer then attempted to get Kakaygeesick to sit back down on her room’s bed, but his lower back began to spasm in pain as a result of being kicked in the groin by Kakaygeesick.

    RiverView staff allegedly then rushed into the room and Kakaygeesick was handcuffed to her bed. Another Crookston Police officer responded to the scene and observed Kakaygeesick resisting staff, so the officer held down Kakaygeesick’s legs until she calmed down.

    Kakaygeesick was advised by the officer that she was under arrest for fourth-degree assault and, after she was medically cleared, Kakaygeesick was transported to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center without incident.