Latest river hydrograph indicates the river crested on Monday

    While everyone is keeping an eye on an approaching April storm that could bring a lot of snow to a wide swath of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, the Red Lake River as of press time Wednesday appeared to be in the midst of a slow, steady decline, in terms of its depth.

    The river in Crookston on Monday reached 24.66 feet, and according to the latest National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service hydrograph, that appears at least for now to have been its crest. Hydrographs on Tuesday continued to project a crest of 26 feet Wednesday into Thursday, but Wednesday morning the hydrograph was updated to project a continued steady decline, with the Red Lake River approaching 17 feet by April 17.

    City of Crookston officials in their latest flood update say the levees and Public Works infrastructure continue to be monitored. The City’s Emergency Operations Center remains open, and can be reached at 281-4363.

    It appears, too, that the bulk of the river ice has broken up and made its way through the river’s snaking channel through Crookston.

    In rural areas, overland flooding continues to be an issue.