Master taxidermist Nick Genereux of Outdoor Addictions Taxidermy in Crookston had a very successful state taxidermy competition season in March. He participated in state competitions in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

    Genereux attends as many shows as he can, and enters his everyday work to be critiqued by judges and attend seminars on the most up to date taxidermy techniques.

    This is his ninth year in business, and he has been competing at the master’s level for three years. Genereux mainly works on life-size mammals, game heads and fish, specializing in deer heads and bears of all types from rugs to life size.

    At the Minnesota Taxidermy Guild competition, Genereux won his second Judges Choice Best of Show Award with a half-life size bear mount. The same mount won Best of Show Runner-Up in North Dakota and South Dakota. He received blue ribbons and State Champion awards in all three states in the Masters Game Head Category. Genereux received 18 major awards among all three states with this mount in total. Actual awards given out by state associations vary but some of the highlights included, in both Minnesota and North Dakota, he won best bear mount awards, Taxidermist Choice Game head awards, and the Masters Competitor Awards for having the four highest scoring combined mounts. He also received the South Dakota People’s Choice Award and Best All Around Taxidermist Award for having the highest combined scores in four different categories.

    Genereux also won the small life size mammal State Champion titles in both North Dakota and South Dakota with a fisher mount. He also won State Champion Reproduction in South Dakota with a set of reproduction mountain goat horns.  He received a few other awards for these and couple other mounts he took to show this season.