Quartet that met while in graduate school in Boston takes the CHS stage Tuesday evening

    This is a musical group of four friends who through a series of serendipitous events came together in graduate school at Boston University. Sons of Serendip will perform in the Crookston High School auditorium Tuesday, April 2 at 7:30 p.m. as one of the Entertainment Series concerts provided by the Crookston Civic Music League.

    The name Sons of Serendip comes from the notion that “serendipity brought us together.”  Each member has an inspiring story and together the Sons of Serendip strive to embody the adjectives classy, genuine, spiritual, sensitive, and timeless.

    Tenor Micah Christian was a teacher, keyboardist Cordaro Rodriguez was an attorney, cellist Kendall Ramseur was a cello instructor, and harpist Mason Morton was a teacher.  In 2014 they performed on America’s Got Talent and they were finalists (fourth place) in the ninth season of AGT.

    Their concert program focuses on fairly contemporary music, some with a fresh twist, and some familiar pop tunes from Motown. All will feature Micah’s tenor voice and the playing of Cordaro, Kendall (also the backup singer), and Mason.

    This is a very interesting combination of voice and instruments which produce a lovely, rich sound.  They have been playing their instruments since childhood, but in 2014 they came together to begin what they know will be a long beautiful journey of creating music that touches people’s hearts.

    Members of the group have hopes that their singing will inspire others to follow their dreams, to pursue their love for music, to spread love and build a better world, and to create an experience one will never forget.

    For further information about this fabulous quartet and ticket information, contact Elaine Metzger at 281-2681 or Alvern Wentzel at 289-0961. Admission is by season ticket only.

    Anyone needing a ride to the performance should call T.H.E. Bus at 281-0700.