Special meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning

    The Crookston School Board will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, April 3 to consider a resolution to terminate/non-renew a teaching contract.

    The meeting will take place at 7 a.m. in the school district office conference room at Crookston High School.

    The personnel-related move that the board will consider comes on the heels of the board’s meeting last week, at which they approved a resolution on a 3-2 vote calling for a budget reduction package for the 2019-20 school year totaling a little more than $400,000, which is being driven by a continued pattern of declining enrollment in the public schools. But minutes after approving the reduction package resolution, the board voted 3-2 against a resolution calling for the termination and non-renewal of elementary special education teacher Wendy Willits.

    Board member Tim Dufault was absent from the March 25 meeting.

    After voting down the resolution relating to Willits, board chair Frank Fee said the vote meant that someone else would now have to potentially lose their job.

    Superintendent Jeremy Olson, who crafted the budget reduction package with input from his administrative team, reconvened the team after the March 25 board actions to try to come up with a way to reconfigure the budget reduction package in a way the board found more acceptable.