Superintendent says he can’t be unaffected by budget situation while at the same time asking staff to ‘take hits’

    In his first year as Crookston School District Superintendent, Jeremy Olson is being paid $137,700. His initial, three-year contract includes salary increases to $140,700 in 2019-20 and $143,700 in 2020-21.

    But as Olson at Monday’s Crookston School Board meeting listed the components of the $400,000-plus budget reduction package being considered for the 2019-20 fiscal year, he included one he hadn’t spoken of before: No pay raise in the coming year for the superintendent.

    Reached by the Times after the meeting, Olson said he’s trying to lead by example.

    “The reason I did this was because I can’t ask our staff to take hits when I am not affected,” he said. “I want to lead by example and if reductions happen they should start at the top.”