Crookston High School’s National Honor Society held their 2019 Induction Ceremony Monday in the auditorium with 19 honorees.

NHS sustaining members that hosted the ceremony were Rachel Hefta, Muira MacRae, Thea Oman, Kylie Solheim, and Hannah Street, all 2019 graduates.

Inducted were Caden Bruley, Elysa Christensen and Brock Heppner with the Class of 2019, and Miza Baig, Isaiah Barlow, Benjamin Brantner, Kasey Cwikla, Elizabeth Erdman, Katherine Geist, Ashlyn Genereux, Emily Gillette, Kathryn Halos, Audrey Harbott, Anna Huck, Eliza Meyer, Sophia Steiner, Hannah Tehran, Gretchen Theis, and Walker Winjum with the Class of 2020.