Evers says he hopes it’s only a minor delay on his redevelopment project

    Developer Jeff Evers confirmed to the Times that some flooring eyed for removal from the Fournet building as part of his seven-figure redevelopment project is being tested for asbestos.

    The flooring in question was found on the main floor, but Evers adds that he’s having flooring on upper floors checked, too, for asbestos content.

    He figures there’s a 50/50 chance at this point that there is asbestos in the flooring material. The building was initially constructed about 40 years before asbestos was used, Evers said. “So I’m pretty sure it’s manageable, but you never know,” he added.

    Evers bought the building three years ago and in addition to his own funds, has financing lined up from Bremer Bank, the City of Crookston and Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority for the first phase of his redevelopment project that focuses predominantly on the second floor, the skylights on the top of the building, and the installation of an elevator. Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, looking to move from its current location across the street at the intersection of North Broadway and Robert Street, has an agreement with Evers to become his primary tenant, on the renovated second floor.

    Evers said he has hired a firm to test the materials for asbestos and that he didn’t want to comment further until the results come back.

    “I hope that it will resolved quickly and is only a minor delay,” he added.

Dream Boutique relocates

    In the meantime, Dream Boutique’s prom dress shop, open March 27 and 31, has moved locations, from the Fournet to the former AT&T building between M&H and Holiday gas stations.

    In addition to the asbestos testing,  the Fournet building’s awning over the sidewalk began to sag late last week under the weight of all the snow, leading to the placement of barricades surrounding the street-level entrance to the Fournet as a precaution. The snow was being removed from the awning on Tuesday.

    Dream Boutique is open for high school girls from Crookston, Fisher, Climax, Fertile and Red Lake Falls to shop for affordable prom dresses and accessories. They’ll be open Wednesday, March 27 from 4-7 p.m. and on Sunday, March 31 from 1-4 p.m. For more info, contact Kim Dans at 281-1700 or Erin LaPlante at 280-8646, or visit their “Dream Boutique” Facebook page.