Andy Hall, owner of Sweetlight Gallery in Crookston, on April 2 opens an exhibition, “The Fournet Experience.”

It will be showcased from 5 to 9 p.m.

Andy will be displaying still photographs that he created while exploring the interior of the iconic downtown Crookston building.

The still images will be displayed on and set amongst architectural salvage pieces from the Fournet Building.

Sarah Wagner will be joining Andy with her virtual reality tour giving a sense of being inside the building.

The Fournet was built in 1885 from the designs of Grand Forks architect, J.W. Ross. Over the years, the building has been both residential and commercial. Tenants have included a law firm, a grocery store, a dental office, a hardware store, a liquor store and in 1907 the Fournet opened the first furniture store in northwest Minnesota.

Refreshments and light appetizers will be provided at the event.

Due to safety concerns, this event is not appropriate for small children, toddlers or infants.