Runoff from roof backs up due to frozen line under sidewalk

    Runoff from melting snow and a frozen storm sewer line proved to be a bad combination last week at Crookston City Hall, which suffered water damage as a result.

    In City Administrator Shannon Stassen’s weekly report, he makes a point to thank everyone who assisted and kept damage as minimal as possible. Electronics, vital documents and other important equipment were spared as a result, he notes.

    So what happened? Stassen states in the report that roof drains at city hall all drain into the same line, which exits city hall and empties into the storm sewer at the corner of North Broadway and Second Street. That line under the sidewalk was frozen, he explained, resulting in large amounts of water accumulating on the roof near the drains.

    Stassen notes that City staffer Mitch Weasner was the first to quickly diagnose the problem and subsequently clear the frozen line. Firefighters were also on the scene within minutes to assess the situation on the roof, the city administrator goes onto say.

    The mess was cleaned up and fans and dehumidification units were brought in and placed in the affected areas. Stassen said photos were taken of all the impacted areas, electricians evaluated fixtures and lights before the lights were turned back on, Steamatic took moisture readings and applied an anti-microbial agent to prevent any biological/mold growth, and the City’s insurance provider was notified.

    Drying equipment was to remain in place through the weekend and into Monday. Stassen tells the Times that if readings taken later on Monday are favorable, the equipment will be removed. “Everything seems completely dry in the building,” he said.