Women get stuck in snowbank on their way to play bridge

    After one of our “usual storms,” Kay Miller tells the Times, multiple people came to her and her friend’s rescue when they got stuck in a snowbank on their way to play a card game of bridge. In the wake of seeing another article for a “Good Neighbor,” Kay knew she had to nominate their rescuers.

    In late February, Kay and her friend, Delores, were driving down Memorial Drive on their way to Locken Boulevard when they got stuck. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception’s Father Vincent Miller stopped and reportedly asked Kay and Delores, “What are you girls doing?” before helping to shovel the car out.

    Then, Kay says, along came Mick Butenhoff driving a tractor/bobcat to assist, followed by a Crookston hockey coach. The incident ended when the group of gentlemen finally pushed their vehicle free.

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